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Dagitim Kanali is a leading Turkish magazine covering a wide range of home products, including small household items, kitchenware, and white good appliances. The first issue of this monthly magazine was published 17 years ago by its founder Mr. Yildirim Soylemez.

Today Dagitim Kanali magazine focuses and specializes in the daily usage of kitchenware, small/large home products and white good appliances. It also provides in-depth industry product analysis in its pages. With its writers' insightful opinions, industry-related interviews and news, Dagitim Kanali magazine also focuses on the latest field innovations.

The readers of Dagitim Kanali magazine enjoy a variety of field specialist's interviews, surveys, Q&A's, and many other types of exciting, industry-related research articles.

Dagitim Kanali magazine publishes 3000 hard copies every month and reaches all of Turkey's industry-related professionals and experts. The magazine's newly refreshed, dynamic website also draws attention and gets thousand of readers every month.

The magazine's unique experience creates a wonderful business opportunity for companies to market themselves to a wide range of managers, specialists, executives, and other professionals.

If you would like to advertise with us on Dagitim Kanali's pages or on our website and be seen by Turkey's leading field-related experts, please e-mail us for special pricing and availability. We truly appreciate your interest and time.

Dagitim Kanali Magazine

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